PL4200 Control Value

Terrence Flow Control Co., Ltd.

Introduction and applications

The PL4200 is axial flow and electric control valve which is composed of electric actuator and the main valve. The PL4200 receives the control signal that output by the control unit to change the spool position, thereby regulating the flow rate, pressure and the other process parameters of medium. It’s suitable for all non-corrosive gases after purification treatment.

The PL4200 is especially suitable for transmission and receiving station of transmission gas pipe and generally utilized for multistage gas pipe network, commercial and industrial users, gas power plant, boiler plant which require intelligent control of pressure and flow.


◆Split structure, safe and reliable, easy maintenance

◆Class VI leakage due to self-tight sealing

◆Smooth action and low energy consumption due to balance force on the sleeve.

◆Small resistance, high capacity and low-noise due to axial flow style.

◆High adaptability due to Multi-type of Cage

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