SSV3500 Slam Shut Valve

Terrence Flow Control Co., Ltd.

Introduction and applications

The SSV3500 is an axial flow safety slam shut valve which function is to shut off gas supply when the pressure in control point reaches a fixed set value and suitable for all non-corrosive gases after purification treatment.

The SSV3500 is especially suitable for transmission gas pipe and generally utilized for multistage gas pipe network, commercial and industrial users, gas power plant, boiler plant which require precise pressure and sensitive reaction gas supply.


◆Axial flow low pressure drop and low noise

◆Special cutting model, high accuracy and long life

◆Valve plate and stem is above the runner in opening condition, no bear flow and no accumulate debris, long life

◆More higher pressure, better closing when the valve plate closed, reach zero leakage after shut off

◆Support intelligent extension of remote indication and shut off

◆SIL certificates

◆DVGW approval

◆CE approval

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